1. Cocoon5:49
  2. Sleepers Lot4:54
  3. Branches2:57
  4. Emergence3:48

From the Rural Sounds Blog:
It’s a rainy day here in Norway and Tom Quick’s track, “Sleeper’s Lot” is the perfect fit for the surrounding environment. It’s a delicate and deeply moving song that features moments of ambient swells and plucked instrumentation, all of which create a cozy backdrop.

“I wanted to create a beautiful piece of music not limited by the constraints of popular form – something to envelop the listener and take them to a place of pure calm and introspection. The piano takes centre stage but I’ve used real-world recordings and lots of space in a nod to the Lowercase movement.”

The song is incredibly gorgeous, especially when you reflect on the amount of detail and attention Tom Quick has poured into this lovely piece.


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Sleepers Lot EP

Release Date : February 7, 2019
Artist : Tom Quick
Genre : ,
Catalog ref. : LR001
Format : Digital Download